About ChapterTwo® 

ChapterTwo®  was founded in 2010 as a one-of-a-kind career pivot and strategy service for senior executives. We wanted to confidentially help senior leaders proactively define a roadmap for the next ten years of their career. To have a Plan B in their pocket that enabled them to pick the timing for their next act, or be ready in case a surprise happened.

So why are we one-of-a-kind?

  1. • We are not an outplacement service. Our clients are proactively planning ahead.

  2. • We have no corporate customers — so we can be selective and choose our clients

  3. • One of our criteria is that our clients be Pay-It-Forward individuals, which has allowed us to build a community of peer clients that sincerely help each other

  4. • The Pay-It-Forward criteria has also been the catalyst for attracting our 15 member Client Advisory Board, which help our clients with their perspective and personal networks

  5. • Our small team are authentic peers of our clients — we have been in those shoes.

  6. • Our fee structure is simply a one-time retainer

We have now helped more than 100 leaders through this journey, with wonderful feedback. Many others wish they had found us sooner, before they ended up in unplanned transition. Their feedback includes:

  1. • We identified intriguing options they had never considered, and kept them from pursuing options that would not have been a good fit

  2. • Having a Plan B was so comforting and stress relieving

  3. • Our enablement of discussing their options with “been there, done that” peers was invaluable

  4. • Having a roadmap for what to do next helped make progress on the journey

  5. • The quality and Pay-It-Forward ethos of our ChapterTwo® community was amazing, and ended up augmenting their own network in delightful ways

Careers are more uncertain than ever before — because people are not sure they want to keep doing the same thing and because for a myriad of reasons companies keep making changes.

If a voice in your head (or from a caring spouse) is encouraging you to explore a new career chapter let’s have a conversation to see how we can best help you.