Big enterprise and management consultant road warrior to mid-sized company to “early retirement” by choice to focus on other priorities

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Betsy Deupree

Joined the Core Team of ChapterTwo® - as my chapter three after a distinguished career at IBM and 20+ years as a management consultant. Building new operating models was my expertise, as well as helping clients manage through the change associated with mergers and acquisitions. Great job, but no life.

Six years ago I took the first step and walked away from the large enterprise life. I credit going through the ChapterTwo® process for making it a right decision at the right time – getting excited about change versus stressing over leaving something comfortable, but no longer a passion. Still passionate about consulting but not the travel I joined a much smaller management consulting firm with a local model. Three years ago I pivoted again into the entrepreneurial life, in part to work with my husband as well as to spend time with my elderly mom. Both of those major career decisions worked out perfectly, and I have no regrets.

In addition, community service has always been important to me. Most recently I have been on the Apparo Executive Board (a B2B business, working with CIOs and service providers to help non-profits with their technology concerns) and am now on the WECS Executive Board (Women Executives Community Service is a business that offers mentors and scholarships to woman over 25 who are underserved and want to get through college). I also enjoy singing in the Celebrate Band at church and participating in international committees committed to giving back.

Now I use my change management and own experience to help others discover their chapter two, leveraging the unique approach to offer like-minded emerging executives a similar experience. I work, one-on-one, with these leaders as they navigate career options that will lead to more significance and relevance – enabling our clients to also be more intentional with their own career journey.

Jim's comment:

"Betsy brings two important experiences to our Core Team: 1) Being happy and fulfilled after an intense corporate life; and 2) Proactively walking away from a prestigious company because they did not listen to her needs and having it all work out."