Executive responsible for 15,000 employees worldwide who let her company steer her career to taking ownership and charting her own career course

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Paulette Corbin

Built my career at Delta Airlines, where the company moved and grew you based on their needs. Luckily in my case it worked out very well for both of us.

As I rose through the leadership ranks at Delta Air Lines I was part of a small and elite team building a new airline, Delta Express. I then was named to lead Delta Express, a strategically differentiated business unit with $500 million dollars in revenue and more than 7,000 employees. My next role was Vice President, Customer Service West, with responsibility for customer service operations at 57 airports and 5,000 employees through the events of 9/11/2001. My final role at Delta was Senior Vice President, responsible for leading a $1.2 billion P&L encompassing 14,000 flight attendants and flight service globally through bankruptcy.

Then, after participating in the predecessor to ChapterTwo®, I joined North Highland as an Executive in Residence, a unique role created by the company to take advantage of my extensive experience and quality network. While there, I led the development of renewed public relations, business development and community service strategies.

I have participated on a number of non-profit Boards in Atlanta including CEO Netweavers (now President-Elect), Literacy Action and Southeast Chapter of UNICEF. I led the development of the first Leadership Breakfast for Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV) held in September, 2012, raising awareness of the impact of domestic violence in businesses in Atlanta and the state of Georgia.

Nationally, I was recruited to serve 3 years in the Public Member role on the American Board of Paranesthesia Nursing Certification, incorporating my knowledge of airline training and safety procedures best practices into paranesthesia training and qualification.

Jim's comment:

"Paulette is also an alumnus of our ChapterTwo® approach and has now joined our Core Team as quarterback for emerging leaders offering in Atlanta, along with helping Jim with Senior Executives. She has always been passionate about the customer experience, and we are delighted to be able to take advantage of her multifaceted talents. Even though she prospered with Delta organizing the earlier stages of her career she has really enjoyed being in charge of her career compass, and is now sharing her insights and experiences with rising executives and executives seeking to set their own career compass and become empowered to take charge."