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Our Emerging Leader clients wonder:

  • Is the prize worth the trade-offs to get to the top and stay there?

  • Are my odds of getting to the top realistic?

  • How do I orient my career to be more what I enjoy?

  • There is disruption in my industry, and maybe even in my
    company. I worry about being impacted. How do I plan ahead and
    drive my own career?

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Our clients get results through…

  • Quarterback with peer experience

  • Core Team of colleagues to provide insights to
    potential career options

  • Agility in leveraging current and new
    relationships to help pursue new directions

  • Ability to figure out next career steps
    objectively and confidentially while still in
    current role

ChapterTwo® delivers

  • Independent assessment of your potential and options

  • Greater clarity and focused approach to your career strategy

  • Insights which enable you to take charge and drive your own career

  • “In the market” – 2017 style. Uncovering your brand

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