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Our Re-Entering clients wonder

  • Do I want to return to what I did before?

  • My life and career priorities have changed; how can I optimize my time
    away to position returning to the marketplace?

  • Are there part time roles that would be fulfilling, or should I be ready
    for a full-time role?

  • What are the keys to successfully brand myself and re-enter the

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Our clients get results through...

  • Quarterback who has journeyed reentering the marketplace

  • Clarity about what options are most fun and realistic

  • Learning how to target current and new relationships to
    jumpstart the journey

ChapterTwo® delivers

  • Top 5 Personal Goals

  • Clarity about the options you will most enjoy now that
    are realistic to pursue

  • Mentoring about how get a job or start a business in 2017

  • Crisp Introduction message and LinkedIn awarenes/strategy

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