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Our Rewired - Not Retired clients wonder

  • Is it realistic to stay relevant without being so busy and stressed?

  • What is the transition to “rewired, not retired” like?

  • What do I put on my new business cards?

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To create your chapter two roadmap you need and want …

  • Quarterback who has experience in all my options

  • Network of “been there, done that” peers for vetting options

  • New peer community to help pursue new directions

  • Customized approach designed to continue work
    while on this journey

ChapterTwo® delivers

  • Meaningful discussions about what it will be like

  • A number of options for balancing your life between work,
    intellectual stimulation and recreation/travel/family

  • Clarity on selecting roles and activities that feed you, in addition
    to helping others

  • Empowerment to look forward to “Rewired” instead of fearing
    being “Retired”

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