Testimonials: Senior Executives

I had talked to my wife and said “this ain’t it.” Did I want someone telling my son at my funeral “your dad once made his numbers 21 straight quarters?” It was a great job, good company I was large and in charge but I had the sense that this wasn’t it … but I didn’t know what was.   

... from the very beginning of Setting Your Compass® my sense was “The world’s at your doorstep – what do you want to do?” Jim has a beautiful ability to phrase difficult communications, and is generous in his availability. He exudes warmth, and is one of the most articulate individuals I have ever met.   

An old college roommate asked if I would be making more money. “Not at all,” I said, but I’m going to be doing something I LOVE and feel passionate about.” Money is not the issue right now.   

I believe that Jim does really care about the people that he is working with and helps them achieve results that are exactly on the mark of what people are after. Rather than jump at something that isn’t a fit. [He wants to know] what would really get you excited, and is it a real fit?